This statement necklace has a single row of trade-mark silver beads and striking serpent motive, not to mention the super-sized facet-cut, slate crystal  drop pendant, this piece is a real showstopper

Front fastening, user-friendly T-bar make this stunning necklace so easy to wear


Approx overall length 55cm

triangle gem necklace

  • Handmade

    Sterling Silver Plated On Aluminium Hypoallergenic

    100% Recyclable

    Producers are carefully chosen for their ethical approach and sound eco-friendly production and waste management methods. Every piece from the Treaty collection is handmade by professional jewellery workers in a safe and happy working environment.

    Pioneering the use of .925 Silver plating onto an Aluminium core we achieve a beautiful, burnished silver which is both hard wearing, durable and the trademark finish that makes Treaty so unique.

    Our traditional production method has been used in Turkey for hundreds of years.

    Made without the use of harmful metals commonly used all over the world like Lead, Nickel or Cadmium, Treaty Jewellery is particularly suitable for customers who may be allergic to these base metals.