Beautiful stonewashed linen napkin  45cm x45cm

Linen's natural luster and soft texture only improve with use and age. It’s these fantastic qualities, and more, that have made it the fabric of choice for thousands of years.

Please note, linen is made from 100% natural flax fiber, as a result, there may be slight variations in colour between seasons. Natural and lovely.

Linen Napkin

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    Wash at maximum 60°C with mild washing powder and similar colors. Then tumble dry gently. (Do not mix with towels or other items, linen is likely to leave lint). Out comes wonderfully soft linen, just as it supposed to be. Lovely and soft, with lots of character.

    A little wrinkle is a good thing!

    Linen produces som lint the first few washes. Ironing once will reduce it. Do not mangle our bedlinen, the push-buttons will break. Best way to store your linen is to roll it up instead of folding.