This fabulous home-scenting set, of full size 100ml diffuser oil with Reeds,  30cl candle in a reuseable glass  and a box of taper matches to light your season, comes in a beautiful  Ribbon tied gift box. Scent your home to perfection  with your choice from 8 different mood s ,within our fragrance library. 

Our portfolio of simple creative fragrance  selection combines nostalgic English Hedgerows, Green Lawns and Classic Citrus with an album of subtle exotics.  

Available in the following fragrances:

No 21 Bluebell.  Fresh crisp Bluebell heralds  spring, notes of green leaf, a floral heart, and a base of earthy white musk or amber.


No.27 Brambleleaf Unconventional but cool Brambleleaf, has edges of Lemon over its Blackcurrent heart, resting on a Lily of the valley and precious wood base.

No.32 Orange Blossom.True to its natural love- Neroli, a  breathe deep green floral.

No.41 Bergamot. Refreshing and authentic, a lively citrus with a clean dry edge.

No.53 Cardamom and Ginger. Intoxicating but no Hippie, this scent features the beautiful sweetness of cardamom and sensual patchouli. A no gender fragrance, with spiced ginger and a base of Sandalwood and Cedar. mysteriously festive and warming,

No.55 Criollo Leaf. A rich chypre with dry notes of tobacco flower and nutmeg warmed by sun sweetened mandarin.Imagine walking through an old West Indian plantation garden and into a sea-view garden, you're there!!

No.82 Masters Lawn. A no mistake, natural vibrant green aroma of lush, freshly cut grass, walking barefoot on the thick pile of a well tended College lawn!

No.84 Lyndon Bothy. A fragrance inspired by gardeners, their labours and their loves. Green notes of fresh cut stems and culinary herbs on a bed of soft grass and cool lily


Happy Home Gift Set