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our new range includes :

Fragrance * 37 , Pelagonium with ashes of roses.

Fragrance *54 , Heliotrope and rain lily.


Cloister Garden  anywhere spray 50ml

Our scented sprays are  created for home or personal use and  are safe on the skin . presented in 50ml amber glass spray bottle inside a kraft card box.

vegan and cruelty free.


Drawing its inspiration from abandoned gardens where once novice gardeners toiled creating hybrid varieties of flowering bulbs.

These highly valued prizes with astounding scents blessed the footpaths of a shady cloister.

flourishing alongside earthy ferns and wild pelagoniums these earthy sprites caress the aromatic heliotrope as it turns its face to the sun , creating a melodius balm to the senses of any passing traveller.


Cloister Garden anywhere spray 50ml

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